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Topic: Jazz

Chet Baker ‘You make me feel so young’

Chet Baker was a great  jazz trumpeter but he also had a great voice. It was soft and delicate, and if you listen to ‘Let’s Get Lost’ or ‘Autumn Leaves’, you will understand what I mean. He also sang ‘You make me feel so young’ (the 1946 popular song covered by Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Paul Anka, Rosemary Clooney…) and needless to say his fragile voice brings something unmistakably unique to this cover. Baker died on May 13, 1988, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 2007 Mayor of the City of Tulsa Kathy Taylor proclaimed December 23 as “Chet Baker Day”. But Chet Baker is also often celebrated during many jazz events around the world. I couldn’t find an audio link of Chet Baker singing ‘You make me feel so young’ but I could find a video (although it’s not really a video). Click and listen, just open your ears and relax…

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