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SETIcon II, June 22 -24, 2012 in Santa Clara, California

SETIcon (June 22 -24, 2012) is organized by the SETI Institute and it is a public event where science and imagination meet. I wish I could attend SETIcon II but unfortunately and as you probably know, I’m not on Earth right now and I still don’t know yet how to teleport or travel through time… But since you obviously are on Earth, maybe some of you living near Santa Clara, California, will attend the great event. SETIcon brings together innovative scientists, science fiction authors, space and science artists, space lovers, and the curious and adventurous everywhere for a 3-day public celebration and exploration of space, real science, technology, imagination, and science education. There is no other event in the world like SETIcon that explores space and the human imagination through the lens of real science, attracting global interest and participation. This is not a science conference with technical lectures (SETI Institute scientists lecture all over the world). Instead we’ll bring together scientists with authors and artists to celebrate science and exchange ideas around space exploration and our place in the cosmos. SETIcon will create a new channel of discussion between Earthlings where real science and imagination will meet. Note that SETIcon is also about music:…

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