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A Victorian Steampunk Shoot by Chemistry Photography

A few days ago, Airship Ambassador tweeted about a shoot by Chemistry Photography. The post published on Rock n Roll Bride tells it all: “Time travel. Steampunk. Victoriana. Turn of the century industrialism. If you love any of these things then you’re going to die over this shoot, sent over from Ireland by the fabulous Chemistry Photography.” Photographer Kait told Kat Williams, aka the Rock n Roll Bride: “I had been OBSESSING about steampunking out my iMac, my iPhone, and just about every electronic device I own for a few months. So when Kathryn contacted me and said she was dying to do a creative shoot together… it was the first idea that popped into my head. I had been waiting for a good excuse to buy steampunk goggles and a discombulating ray gun. If I were to get married again, I would definitely have a Steampunk wedding. All the elegant goodness of a vintage, Victorian wedding without sacrificing sass and quirk.” This obsession is amazing! You can visit Chemistry Photography website, check the many photos of the shoot on Rock n Roll Bride and below, watch this exquisite video!

Willem Dafoe and others wearing Steampunk clothes

Prada got inspired by the Steampunk world with this new line. And I never thought Willem Dafoe would wear Steampunk clothes so well. posted about it and was also pleasantly surprised: High end fashion line Prada has just unveiled photos and video of actors Willem “Green Goblin” Dafoe, Gary “Commissioner Sirius Black” Oldman, Garrett “Sam Flynn” Hedlund, and Jamie “TinTin Billy Elliot” Bell wearing their heavily steampunk-influenced fall/winter menswear line. And I totally agree with their last sentence: ‘Somehow, watching Willem Dafoe psych himself up for his evil glare is even scarier than his actual glare…‘. Howesome!

Steampunk alarm clock & ‘Beautiful lepers’ by anXiogene

anXiogene is a multi-faceted French artist from the city of Caen. I have been following her work for some time now and she is very talented. Annliz Bonin, a.k.a anXiogene, works with mechanisms and makes beautiful Steampunk alarm clocks; she creates unique dolls and her creative world is diverse, varied and filled with unexpected, surprising and sometimes even sexy creatures… She also created with Futuravapeur, the fantastic ‘Historiettes de Monsieur Sandalette’ (uchronic short stories I will come back to it soon). I selected two pictures to illustrate anXiogene’s work. The first one is her latest alarm clock (left picture); the other one is from a serie of photographs taken in 2010 titled: ‘Belles lépreuses’ (‘Beautiful lepers’), with voluptuously gorgeous models ana and noémie. I invite you to visit her website. Even if you don’t speak French, the pictures talk for themselves…

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