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Willem Dafoe and others wearing Steampunk clothes

Prada got inspired by the Steampunk world with this new line. And I never thought Willem Dafoe would wear Steampunk clothes so well. posted about it and was also pleasantly surprised: High end fashion line Prada has just unveiled photos and video of actors Willem “Green Goblin” Dafoe, Gary “Commissioner Sirius Black” Oldman, Garrett “Sam Flynn” Hedlund, and Jamie “TinTin Billy Elliot” Bell wearing their heavily steampunk-influenced fall/winter menswear line. And I totally agree with their last sentence: ‘Somehow, watching Willem Dafoe psych himself up for his evil glare is even scarier than his actual glare…‘. Howesome!

Beautiful corsets made by LaBelleFairy

Corsets are sexy, and classy. You can choose your style: Burlesque, Victorian or Steampunk, you are sure to catch everyone’s attention. While I was browsing Etsy, I saw La Belle Fairy’s store: she has been creating corsets for over 9 years. Her real name is Jenny (but her clients like to call her ‘Labelle‘) and she is a corset maker living in the rural BC Rocky mountains in Canada. Jenny is inspired by Coco Chanel (who died the same day she was born) and she loves Jean-Paul Gaultier. The corset pictured below is a classic underbust corset in red satin with black overlay. You can find more of her handmade corsets and gowns here.  

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