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Jules Verne’s house in South Brittany, France

Have you ever dreamt to spend a night in a house typical of Jules Verne’s fantasy? Well good news then because I know the place you should go. It’s in France in Morbihan, South Brittany and as you can see on the photos below, everything is in place for you to enjoy your stay and have a great night… If you’re interested or just curious to know more about this place you can rent (as well as tree houses), follow this link (website in French only). When I will be back from my trip, I will have to go there!

Get ready for Sherlock Holmes Week!

I am a big, a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in the late 30s were my favorites for a long time until I watched Sherlock, with the incredible (who has a near unpronounceable name but I read somewhere he chose it on purpose) Benedict Cumberbatch and the impressive Martin Freeman (aka Bilbo Baggins) as Dr John Watson. So yes, I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes so I was very excited when I learnt there was Sherlock Holmes Week (30th July – 5th August 2012). They explain on the website: The first week is designed to co-incide with the Olympics in London so that the many fans that will be in the UK will have a chance to join in with London based events. It’s also in the summer as most of the time new series and movies happen in the autumn and the spring – and to be honest, we need a Sherlock fix to keep us going through a long summer. Great Sherlock Holmes Debates There have been two Great Sherlock Holmes Debates so far. November 2011 made history as the first time Holmes fans from 23 countries came together…

Salon du Vintage in Paris next month!

Dear readers, if you live in Paris, don’t miss the Salon du Vintage! It will take place July 6-7 2012, at Espace d’Animation des Blancs Manteaux (in the renown ‘Marais’ of Paris). The press release is in French but the program of events is promising: music from the 80s, vintage fashion (clothes, shoes…), make-up a la 50s. A ‘vintage bar’ will also offer you some vintage drinks and food… Entrance is free. The event will last 3 days. More info here!

RER cars decorated as beautiful rooms at Versailles

Have you ever visited Versailles? The Gallery of Mirrors and the Queen’s bedroom? Since last month and until 2014, RER C travelers may have a chance to sit in one of the RER cars decorated as beautiful rooms at Versailles. I think it’s a great idea and for once, travelers using RER C will enjoy the time they will spend inside the cars. I like this ‘anachronistic’ decoration, and you will see more of it in the video (in French but you don’t need subtitles to look at the decorations).

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